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The Virtual Tailgate

Oct 5, 2011

This week, Jarred's connection goes walkabout, Geoff regrets firing his old stats guy in the middle of the season, and we all lose it during a discussion of Central Michigan.

Before we get started on the football, we give Jarred a chance to make amends over his disbelief in the existence of the Golden Panther.  Results were....less than ideal.

We finally get to last week's games:

Georgia Tech @ NC State
Idaho @ Virginia
Wake Forest @ Boston College
Towson @ Maryland
North Carolina @ East Carolina
Duke @ Florida International
Bethune-Cookman @ Miami
Clemson @ Virginia Tech

Players of the Week
Power Ratings Debut!
Is Clemson the real deal?
Who might fall in the ACC?
Pick-em check in 
Next week's games:
Maryland @ #13 Georgia Tech
Louisville @ North Carolina
#23 Florida State @ Wake Forest
Central Michigan @ NC State
Boston College @ #8 Clemson
Miami @ #21 Virginia Tech