The Virtual Tailgate

Jarred gets into the holiday spirit (or perhaps just some spirits during the holidays) and we break down all the bowl games, eventually.

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Hi Ho Gavel, Away! Judge Jarred asks the rest of the crew to defend some of the more embattled ACC coaches, and then steals off into the night, surely for some nefarious purpose.  Afterwards, we spend 20 minutes trying to come up with some hope for the Blue Devils again Famous Jameis and his crew, to no avail.

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Geoff is away this week, which just gives Jarred more room to run around.  We do try to talk serious for a minute about Jameis Winston and Duke's 10-win potential, but by the end, Jarred just goes Gaga over Randy......

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Judge Jarred makes an early debut, but he gets confused about his intro music.  We talk coach of the year, and a bunch of late-season fluff games.

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Jarred tries to analyse a game using a 10+ year old song, and 3 of us call a pick audible on the same game.  We start discussing bowl bids, and whether Maryland will get one.

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We try to talk about early picks for season superlatives, and, well, we just keep talking.  Some time later, we finally get to the games, but Jarred's had a few by then, so we're all just hanging on for dear life.

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As always, we've saved the best for last, with our preview and predictions for the big Miami-Florida State game on Saturday.  But the biggest question of all remains:  Can you help Jarred name that tune at the end of the show?

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Another David-less week, but we soldier on.  Jarred has technical difficulty, and we dissect the biggest eggs laid last week.  Here's hoping everyone plays a bit better this coming week.

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David's off on exotic travels this week, so Geoff and I try to keep Jarred in line.  This far into the furlough, things are not looking good, folks.  Let's all be glad that next week, Jarred will have been working.  We talk the big games of the week, and someone makes an about-face on the FSU-Clemson game!

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Look, everyone, I'm sorry.  I completely lost track of time and everything this week, and here it is Sunday morning, and I'm just now getting around to posting this thing.  I know it's too late to be useful for insight on your large money bets in Vegas, but it's still a good show.  Well, Jarred's a little crazy, but you expect that, right?  New show this week soon!

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