The Virtual Tailgate

After we wrapped this show, Geoff proclaimed "Despite everything, it was a pretty good show," and we hope you agree.  With so many mis-matched games this week, and even the close ones having ridiculous scores, it was easy to get off track, but we try to talk about what we learned, and use none of that knowledge to inform our upcoming picks.

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I try to keep the viewership numbers from Jarred, but he somehow finds these things out, and get clips to go with them, too.  Wake slides right in to the new whipping boy role, with room to spare, and Jarred fuzzes out mid-analysis.

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Everyone is back, and we managed not to let it get too long!

In between the cheers and the jeers, the gameballs and the picks, enjoy hearing Jarred fall apart as his 'Skins slowly surrender to the Eagles.  Maybe we should record on Monday all the time?

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With Andrew and Geoff on IR tonight, David and Jarred muddle through by themselves.  Surprisingly, they actually manage to talk a little ACC football, celebrate big wins from Clemson, Florida State, and Virginia, and hand out gameballs from some impressive opening week performances.  

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