The Virtual Tailgate

If you listen to one show this week - well I don't know to tell you.  But if you've downloaded this one, stick around to the end, because Jarred gets really fired about the current state of VT football, and though we don't much agree with him, it's a fun conversation.

The ACC continues to screw us, both on the field (dropping 4 to the SEC) and off (dropping all it's big new the day after we record).


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We're mostly back on track, and we've got a fan-favorite discussion topic: Conference Expansion Rumors!

We recorded early, so we miss on the Miami self-imposed bowl ban and confirmation of Maryland leaving, but definitely talk about it all

Music: I'm Your Moon by Johnathan Coulton

(he's got a christmas album out, go give it a look:

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This is the week, dear listeners, where we truly fail you.  We let a sleep deprived Jarred take over and turn the show into a nearly 2-hour bout of inanity.  But it's actually kind of fun.  Sorry for the low quality, too, but it's hard to fit in 2 hours on a budget that expects 1 hour/week.

Music: Whatever Jarred used, Price Is Right I believe.

There is no Plinko, sadly.

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Jarred reveals the big secret of our recording night by talking about the election, but the inane facts might just be a ruse.

We ramble for a while, and the intro music is Hootie because Jarred mocked them in the pre-show, so I'm making him listen to them on here now.

Music: Hootie and the Blowfish

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Andrew survived Hurricane Sandy up in Jersey, but he can't charge his phone; Jarred calls in from a hotel right outside Randy Edsall's office; and the guys take stock of the ACC with only a few weeks left to go.

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