The Virtual Tailgate

Geoff is away this week, which just gives Jarred more room to run around.  We do try to talk serious for a minute about Jameis Winston and Duke's 10-win potential, but by the end, Jarred just goes Gaga over Randy......

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Judge Jarred makes an early debut, but he gets confused about his intro music.  We talk coach of the year, and a bunch of late-season fluff games.

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Jarred tries to analyse a game using a 10+ year old song, and 3 of us call a pick audible on the same game.  We start discussing bowl bids, and whether Maryland will get one.

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We try to talk about early picks for season superlatives, and, well, we just keep talking.  Some time later, we finally get to the games, but Jarred's had a few by then, so we're all just hanging on for dear life.

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As always, we've saved the best for last, with our preview and predictions for the big Miami-Florida State game on Saturday.  But the biggest question of all remains:  Can you help Jarred name that tune at the end of the show?

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