The Virtual Tailgate

After a quick wrap-up on the championship game, it's time to play the bowl preview game.

Pay close attention (or not really) and see how Jarred doesn't have to report on any of the upcoming games!

Also, we welcome our silent, unofficial 5th panel member, Micah Vaughan!

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Don't delete this show just yet!  While we figure out our schedules for the bowl preview show, here's a little more conversation to tide you over.  Last week, we did some pre-show while waiting on Jarred to finish up something offline, and decided to share it with you here.  It's much rougher, as we run through our discussion topics and aren't able to hold back and "save it for the show".

Hope you enjoy this sneak peek here.

Music: the inemitable Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band singing the only proper rendition of "Santa Claus is Coming to Town".  Man, that song makes me miss Clarence.  Did you know I heard a childern's choir do this version of the song?  This why living in New Jersey is awesome.

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