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The Virtual Tailgate

Sep 28, 2011

Our best show ever! Or at least that's what we think.

Find out which team is dead to Jarred, and which game he refuses to make a pick on.

We start off with a quick recap of Last weeks games:

  • NC State at Cincinnati
  • Massachusetts at Boston College
  • North Carolina at Georgia Tech
  • Tulane at Duke
  • Southern Mississippi at Virginia
  • Kansas State at Miami
  • Temple at Maryland
  • Florida State at Clemson
  • Virginia Tech at Marshall
After handing out player of the week honors, we move into a discussion of the ACC's horrible showing this week.
Finally, we preview the week ahead, and hope that Geoff starts to get much worse at his picks, very fast.
  • Wake Forest @ Boston College
  • Towson @ Maryland 
  • #21 Georgia Tech @ NC State 
  • Idaho @ Virginia
  • Bethune-Cookman @ Miami
  • #13 Clemson @ #11 Virginia Tech
  • North Carolina @ East Carolina
  • Duke @ Florida International 
We also start to check in on our new ACC neighbors, Pittsburgh and Syracuse.