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The Virtual Tailgate

Sep 30, 2015

Is Carolina where all the action is this season in the ACC?

Charts are back!

Sep 22, 2015

Can a little bit of Sir Elton sooth our souls after this past week?  And is Notre Dame worth all the trouble as a non-conference opponent, anyway?

Sep 18, 2015

Did the ACC take care of business this week?  The guys debate! (Louisville fans, you're gonna be disappointed).

Sep 11, 2015

It's only week 1 and we're talking about some big deal injuries!

Sep 2, 2015

This week on the Virtual Tailgate

We take everyone back to school and preview the 2015 ACC football season.

Virginia Tech fines, Preseason picks, and our first (recoverable) technical glitch.

Plus many more shenanigans!