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The Virtual Tailgate

Oct 30, 2014

This week on the Virtual Tailgate:

Is Florida State football above Tallahassee law?

Who ruined Pitt's homecoming?

Power rankings, picks, and a fair bit of BS

Oct 23, 2014

We had a great conversation this week, and everyone chimed in on the latest UNC controversy.  Unfortunately, Andrew was on a new computer on hotel wifi, so the whole thing might sound a little rough.  If you tough it out, though, it's probably one of our better episodes.

Oct 16, 2014

This Week on the Virtual Tailgate

Jameis dominates the news cycle.  We look for the early standout players. David takes issue with Miami's Ranking. We spend way too much time talking about the worst game of the week, and we're all uncertain about the Notre Dame - FSU game

As a special bonus, we've added a bit of our...

Oct 9, 2014

Game balls

Midterm grades for each team & power rankings


Oct 2, 2014

- another mediocre week of ACC football

- we discuss a road trip to syracuse

- bidet butt cleaners clean you up well

- power rankings and picks