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The Virtual Tailgate

Apr 3, 2019

Celebrate the Cavaliers Final Four trip by listening to us fight over the Sweet Sixteen.  Timely content, because we definitely don't forget to post shows after we record them.....

Jan 18, 2019

Sorry for the posting delay all.  We recorded this right after the game, so our takes may seem a bit stale, but worry not!  We're gonna give a monthly off-season show a whirl!

Dec 22, 2018

It's bowl game time again!

Nov 29, 2018

Judge Jarred makes another worthy appearance and tells off some underperforming coaches.

Nov 25, 2018

We almost lost this show to the aether, folks.  Thankfully Jarred was able to locate it, but of course, that meant it took me until Sunday to post it.  Sorry folks, we'll be on top of our Championship picks this week.